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Hyderabad, Telangana

Shopping experience in Hyderabad offers some really unique options – there are some things that you simply cannot miss to buy for yourself and for your loved ones. Your trip to Hyderabad is incomplete if you don’t shop. The city has so much to offer, there are a few items worth buying from Hyderabad while going back home from traditional bangles and pearls to handicrafts and toys. Here’s a guide on what to buy from Hyderabad.

Pearl jewellery

Popularly known as the “City of Pearls”, Hyderabadi artisans are experts at distinguishing and polishing the pearls, in order to give distinct varieties of hues. The tourists can find different shapes, types, colors and sizes of pearls, beautifully studded in real and artificial ornaments such as rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and much more. Basara and Rice Pearls are the most famous among the lot. The best places to buy pearls in Hyderabad are Pathergatti and Laad bazaar.

Hyderabadi bangles

Bangles are another popular must-buys if you are visiting Hyderabad. The best place to buy vibrant bangle is the Chudi Bazaar at Charminar. Bangles made from a wide variety of material such as lac, brass, threads, metal, artificial diamonds, pearls and glass can be found in this bazaar. While in Hyderabad, don’t forget to adore your wrists with these beautiful bangles!


Hyderabad is also known for its authentic collection of handicrafts, some of which are:

Kalamkari art

Done using a pen, Kalamkari is a stunning art form inspired from temple architectures and various scenes from the Indian epics. The vibrant colors used in Kalamkari art are prepared using mineral salts of iron, copper, tin and the parts of plants. You can see this art various kinds of materials including silk and fabric. Not only this, this art form is available in a plethora of styles and forms such as wall hangings, bed covers, rugs, door covers, sarees and many more.


Hyderabad offer an amazing variety of toys in exotic patters and designs coming from different parts of Andhra Pradesh. The most popular among these are Etikoppaka lacquer toys, Nirmal toys and Kondapally toys.

Hand-loom sarees

Hyderabad is a heaven for saree lovers. You can find sarees in stunning designs, embroidery and patterns here. Some of the popular variety include Kanchi sarees, Khadi sarees, Mangalgiri, Narayanpet, Gadhwal,Venkatagiri, Uppada, Pochampally and many more that come from Orissa, Benars, Bengal and Rajkot.


Another captivating item to buy in Hyderabad is an exquisite metal ware made from

blackened alloy of zinc and copper designed with thin sheets of silver, the Bidriware. This metal ware is available in various forms such as wine decanters, vases, trinket boxed, jewellery, show pieces, huqqa bases, flowers, bidri bangles, wall decorations and much more. You can easily buy Bidriware at Basheerbagh, Nampally, Abids and Sultan Bazaar.

Ittar (perfume)

Ittar (perfume) is another famous must-buy items of Hyderabad. While perfumes are usually prepared from natural fragrant substances like herbs, spices and flowers, the specialty of Ittar lies in its sandalwood base oil. These are produced locally and are packed in little glass bottles. While in Hyderabad don’t forget to bag the popular jasmine and rose ittar.