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Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Apart from being the “Fort City of Rajasthan”, Chittorgarh is frequented by tourists for being a significant shopping center of the state. This city offers a number of interesting shopping spots for the all kinds of tourists. Hand-crafted items are the most sought-after things by the visitors. The two popular markets here are the Fort Road market and Sadar Bazaar. You can find everything from miniature paintings, Camel leather products, wooden antiques, dress materials, colorful bangles and much more in these markets. Not only this, tourists are very fond of the traditional jewelry sold here, Thewa jewelry being a popular one.

While in Chittorgarh don’t forget to bag some marble handicrafts such as, God idols, lamps, animal figures, bowls, bathroom wares and much more. You must also take along some flavorsome Rajasthani Bhujias.

The main shopping spots of the city are Fort Road Market, Sadar Bazaar, Rana Sanga Market, New Cloth Market and Gandhi Chowk.

Fabrics, Camel leather Juttis and Thewa jewelry at Fort Road Market

Visited by both Indian and international tourists in a large number, the Fort Road Market homes numerous shops displaying a captivating collection of contemporary and traditional Rajasthani items.

Made with vegetable dyes, the beautiful Akola fabrics is among the most sought-after items by foreign tourists. You can also buy painted wooden toys here. These toys wonderfully represent the artistic skills of the residents from Bassi Village. Along with these the camel leather juttis are also quite famous among the tourists, for their detailed work of embroidery.

Primarily belonging to Pratapgarh, Thewa jewelry beautifully showcases Rajasthan’s rich culture. You can find Thewa jewelry in almost all shops at Fort Road. While in this market, don’t forget to bag some handicraft items as mementos of your trip!

Wooden toys and handicrafts at Rana Sanga Market

Rana Sanga Market is another popular shopping spot in Chittorgarh, offering attractive items for tourists from all across the globe. The market is renowned for selling exquisite Rajasthani handicraft, hardly found in any other part of the country. Apart from handicraft items, you can also find beautiful wooden toys and metal ware here, wonderfully reflecting the craftsmanship of people from Rajasthan. While shopping here, don’t forget to take along your bargaining skills!

Fabrics and handicraft at Sadar Bazaar

While in Chittorgarh, don’t forget to visit the bazaars here. Offering a wide display of Rajasthani specialties, Sadar Bazaar is quite famous among the national and foreign tourists alike. Not only for the purpose of shopping, a visit to the bazaars of Rajasthan is also important to have the feel of the state’s beautiful and royal charm.

Sadar Bazaar offers a wide array of items such as metal wares, camel leather items, wooden toys, accessories, fabrics and much more. Among the tourists, fabrics and jutis are the most popular items.