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Hyderabad, Telangana

Biryani is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of Hyderabadi cuisine. But this Biryani destination has much more to offer than just this! Hyderabad has a wide array of flavorsome delicacies such as Chicken 65, Double Ka Meetha, Mirchi Bhajji, Hallem, Hyderabadi Marag, Burani Raita and many more.

Double Ka Meetha

A treat for the compulsive sweet-tooth! Owing its name to the “double roti”, Double ka Meetha is prepared by soaking the deep fried bread slices in saffron and cardamom infused hot milk. It is then topped with crushed dry fruits, this tasteful dessert resembles the famous Mughlai counterpart, Shahi Tukda. Get ready for some sinful indulgence!


More popularly known as “Cheela” in the North, Pesarattu is literally means “Moong Dal Dosa” in telugu. The main ingredients of this recipe are spilt or whole green moong lentils. This is more of a staple breakfast recipes for the Andhraites and is served with a tangy ginger chutney.


Renowned for its rich flavors, the Hyderabadi Haleem is a star during the season of Ramzan. This delicacy was introduced to Hyderabad by the Nizams. It is popular Middle Eastern stew prepared by mixing meat with pounded wheat and lentils and adding an extra zing with the local traditional spices.

Khubani (or Qubani) ka Meetha

Khubani ka Meetha, or a sweet dish made from dried apricots, is a popular Hyderabadi dessert that is particularly served at weddings and other traditional functions. Khubani ka Meetha is prepared by boiling apricots with chaashni (sugar syrup) until it blends into a thick soup-like consistency. It is then garnished with a dollop of fresh cream and served with a generous sprinkling of apricot kernels and blanched almonds on top.

Hyderabadi Marag

Served primarily as an appetizer at the weddings, Marag is a thin mutton soup made from tender mutton pieces with bone. The dish derives it flavors from the authentic Hyderabadi ingredients, cashew nuts, cream and meat chunks.

Hyderabadi Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a famous appetizer from South India, prepared by deep frying marinated bite-sized chicken pieces with authentic Hyderabadi spices. The dish is hot and spicy along with the perfect hint of ginger and garlic. While there are a number theories that explain the reason behind the name Chicken 65, the most popular among these talks about the 65 chilli peppers used in preparing this delicacy.

Mirchi Bhajji

The perfect snack for spicy food lovers! The recipe is quite easy. The green chillies are slit into halves, stuffed with boiled potato filling, coated with gram flour paste and then deep fried. Mirchi Bhajji is among the most enjoyed street foods served with hot tea on rain days.

Hyderabadi Khatti Dal

As the name suggests, this is a sour main course dish served with steamed rice. The dal is prepared from “arhar dal”, boiled to a desired limit and them garnished with a “tadka” of mustard seeds, curry leaves, tomatos and green chillies along with tamarind water.

Burani Raita

Popular for its garlic infused flavor, Burani Raita forms an essential part of the Hyderabadi cuisine. The localites here enjoy this raita with pulao and biryani however it tastes equally amazing with naan and any mutton dish.