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While Delhi is home to the best of restaurants and hotels brands from all over the country, the most amazing part of Delhi still remains its lip smacking street food. You can find everything yummy to eat at various roadside stalls, cafes and restaurants such as Nathu Sweets, Moti Mahal, Haldirams, Bengali Sweets, Evergreen, Anupama Sweets and many more. Some of the famous street food options are:

Dahi Papdi Chaat

This one is quite famous among the tourists and Delhites alike. It’s tangy, filling and sweet, full of yogurt, potatoes, moong beans, spices, chutney and papdis.

Chole Bhatura

One of the most caloric yet so yummy staple Punjabi food: Chole Bhature. No street meal can never be complete with a filling plate of Chole Bhatore.

Gol Gappas

Famously known as pani puri or puchki, gol gappas are unquestionably a woman’s favorite street food. Crisp fried wheat or flour balls, filled with onions, chickpeas, potato, chutney and flavored water, nothing stands in competition with this one!

Aloo Tikki

Another amazing one on the list, aloo tikki refers to pan-fried potato patties served with yogurt, spices and chutney.


Samosa is undoubtedly the only street food available with a plethora of filling options, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. From aloo to chicken, from pasta to noodles and much more, samosas are available anywhere and everywhere in Delhi.

The best part of Delhi comes to life when the sun sets down and night lights start to flash. Delhi’s nightlife has become extremely popular and fond of during the last few decades. Apart from the country’s best hotels, Delhi is home to the most amazing bars, nightclubs, lounges and restaurants. Along with this, Delhi is a spectacular place for dance, theater and music shows.

Be it a foodie or a party animal, Delhi has a piece for every kind of night crawlers. So if you are planning a trip to Delhi, don’t forget to prepare a bucketlist of all the worth-visit nighthour places here!