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Bangalore, Karnataka

Just like its culture, Bangalore has a diverse variety of cuisines to offer, with every community having its own cuisine and a unique style of preparation. The dining experience at Bangalore is a perfect combination of contemporary and traditional Indian delicacies along with a wide array of international favorites.

Along with Sambhar and Rasam, Poori Bhaji, Dosa, Bonda, Vada and Idli form an important part of the traditional South Indian cuisine. Other delicacies such as the Hyderabadi Briyani, Punjab’s Sarson Ka Saag and Makki di Roti, Rajasthan’s Dal Bati, Mussels, Mackeral, Uttar Pradesh’s Kebabs, Bengal’s Macher Jholand and Prawns are also popular in the city. But there is much more to explore in Bangalore than just this. Have a look!

Yummy Sandwiches at Hari’s Sandwich Zone, Jayanagar

What? A Chocolate Sandwich? Yes, you read it right! The Hari’s Sandwich Zone, located at Jayanagar, is renowned for its innovative sandwiches, the most popular among which is the Chocolate Sandwich. This place is listed as one of the finest street food outlets in the town, serving healthy and economical meals. Craving something “meetha” after having the best sandwiches in town? You can have a glass of flavorsome “Lassi” at the nearby Lassi Corner!

Lip-smacking Pani Puri at Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall, Jayanagar

The Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri stall in Jayanagar’s 3rd block gives you all the reason to revisit it again and again while on your trip to Bangalore. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Bangalore’s street food story is incomplete with a visit to this stall. Apart from the yummy pani puri, the stall also serves aloo chaat, dahi puri and papdi chaat. Don’t miss this!

Refreshing Juices and Spicy Chaat at Sri Sai Ram’s Chats and Juice, Malleshwaram

If you are a street food buff then Sri Sai Ram’s Chats and Juice corner is a must visit. They serve a plethora of most amazing chaats you will have the town, the most famous of which are crazy masala, chips masala, wafers chat and disco chat. You can also calm down your sweet-tooth craving with tasteful home-made chocolates from Ooty.

Tasty Bhel Puri at Karnataka Bhel House, Basavanagudi

Located at the Uma Theatre Road in Basavanagudi, the Karnataka Bhel House is the best place to enjoy the sunset while munching some delicious street food at pocket friendly prices. Some of the most famous items served here are masala puri, aloo dahi puri and sev puri.