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Kundapur, Karnataka

Kundapur is a perfect place for those looking for some quiet and serene time, away from the hullabaloo of the city. The town is well connected by rail and roads from the major cities. If you are beach lover, this is the ultimate place for you. If you really want to enjoy your stay here, the best time to visit is between October and April.

Indulge in some adventure sports

Kundapur is a perfect place for those looking for an adventure filled trip. The nature lovers can go for hiking and trekking in the nearby ranges of the Western Ghats, while the beach lovers can opt for boating in the backwaters of Kundapur. There are a number of activities you can indulge in, such as:

  1. Waterfall Trekking
  2. Basketball
  3. Water Zorbing
  4. Coracle ride
  5. Bird Watching
  6. Fishing
  7. Scuba diving at Netrani Island (Prior booking required)
  8. Badminton
  9. Rope Based Activities
  10. Witness the beautiful Kunchikal Falls

Considered as the highest ‘tiered’ waterfall in Indai, the Kunchikal Falls are the picture perfect place to be. The waterfalls are located on the river Varahi in Shimoga and fall from a significant height of 450 meters. The best time to witness this location is during the monsoon when the various other waterfalls surrounding Kunchikal falls make the scene more serene.

Visit the captivating Kodi Beach

This beautiful white-sand beach is the perfect place to enjoy some private time with your beloved. Unfortunately the direct bus service from Kundapur to Kodi is not so frequent. The best way to reach Kodi beach is to take a local bus (don’t take the express on!) which will drop you to the nearest stop to Kodi beach. From there on, you can catch an auto that goes to the beach.The beach is about 2 Kms. inside from the highway. On your way back, you can take an auto to the highway, where you can find a plenty of buses that go to the new bus stop in Kundapur.

Sri Pajaka Kshetra, Udupi

Located 13 Kilometers South-East of Udupi, Sri Pajaka Kshetra is the birth place of Sri Madhwacharya. The village is known for it Lord Parshurama temple and is a must see for those visiting Kundapur. The temple complex has a well-maintained house which has the evidences of Sri Madhwacharya being born and brought-up here, along with the saint’s footprints near the house. There is also an idol of the saint installed in the house. Another visit-worthy building in this village is the Madhva Mandira, where you can see students learning and practicing the Vedas.

Visit the famous Krodha Kshetra

Located in the east of Kundapur, the famous Krodha Kshetra is now known as Shankaranarayana Village. The Shankaranarayana temple in the village is marked as one of the seven significant pilgrims of India. The temple homes the naturally formed idol, known as the Udbhava Linga, placed 1 foot below the ground in the Garbhagudi. Another famous temple in the region is that of Sri Sambasadashiva, located at a distance of 1.5 Kilometers from the Shankaranarayana Temple. Believed to be built a thousand years ago, the Saligrama stone Shivlinga and the Nandi statue made from a single stone, are the main attractions of this temple. The bell which hangs at the entrance of the temple is believed to be donated by Tipu Sultan. Behind the temple flow the serene river Varahi. Other attractions of this village are the Nandikeshwara Temple and the Mukha Mantapa.