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Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Explore Chittorgarh’s rich flora and fauna at Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary

Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the less popular sanctuaries of Rajasthan which needs to be explored. This sanctuary is home to a wide variety of animals such as, Jackal, Hyena, Fox, Panther, Cheetal, Crocodile, Langur, Wild Boar along with many migratory birds like Pelicans and Cranes. Set amongst the beautiful Vindhyachal Range, this sanctuary also has Bassi and Orasi dams located in the area. Don’t miss the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary if you travelling to Chittorgrah with your young ones!

Witness spirituality at the captivating Jain Temples

There are a number of Jain Temples in Chittorgarh. The oldest Jain temple, that of Bhagawan Mahavira’s was built in 1167, during the Vikram era. Another significant temple, that of Bhagawan Parshvanath’s was built in 1322. During the reign of King Mokal, his advisor built a number of Jain temples in Chittorgarh. The seven-storied Kirtistambh, built in the memory of Bhagawan Adinatha, is among the 32 temples stated in the Tirthamala. While visiting Chittorgarh fort, you will find 6 temples in the fort complex. It is believed that at some point in the past, there were 27 temples in the premises. Not only the Jain temples, the temples of Samidheshvar, Haribhadrasurishvarji and Mirabai are also a must visit

Take a walk at the beautiful Chittorgarh Fort Gardens

There is no dearth of amazing attractions in Chittorgarh. The historical significance of this city has bagged it an important place in Rajasthan’s tourism map. Among the magnificent monuments, there are also other attractions such as the captivating gardens. Two of the most beautiful gardens in the city are that of Rani Padmini’s and Chittorgarh fort’s.

Rani Padmini is still an epitome of beauty in the Rajasthani tradition. Mesmerized by her beauty, Ala ud din Khuilji invaded Chittorgarh for possessing her. In order to save herself for being dishonored, Rani Padmini committed “Jauhar”. Ever since, the queen has been remember by the beauty of the Padmini’s Garden, serving the purpose of her commemoration. This well-maintained garden is the perfect blend of historical significance and beauty, making it an amazing place for the visitors to spend leisure time. Along with a wide variety of both flowering and non-flowering plants, the fort garden also has a water reservoir at the front, which adds an altogether beautiful charm to the whole scene.