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Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur offers a glimpse of its history and culture at every corner, making it a must visit for all kinds of tourists.

Rajasthan is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and Udaipur is the best exemplar of the same. Tourists from all around the world visit Udaipur for experiencing the vibrant Rajasthani culture and traditions. Udaipur is a the city of pride, bravery and legends that houses beautiful forts, palaces, palaces and several other tourist attractions.

Not only this, Udaipur has much more to offer. The intricate miniature paintings depicting the tales of bravery and various Hindu Gods along with the captivating craftsmanship on Jharokahs are the specialty of this town.

Udaipur’s music and dance are well preserved to their authentic form, beautifully showcasing the remains of the glorious past. The famous dance forms include Kachhi Ghodi, Terahtaali, Ghoomar, Kalbeliya and Bhavai while the folk music is played using melodious the traditional instruments such as Tanpura, Naad, Sarangi and Morchang.

When it comes to cuisine, Udaipur offers an wide range of distinct flavors and aromas. Delicacies like Dal Baati Churma, Laal Mans and Kair Sangri and desserts like Dil Jani is a must try while in Udaipur.

How to reach Udaipur

By Air
With Maharana Pratap Airport located only 22 Kilometers from the city, Udaipur is well connected with all the major Indian cities, with frequent flights flying from Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. From there on you can take a taxi or hire a cab to reach the city.
By Road
Udaipur is well connected with other Indian cities with a brilliant road network. There is a regular bus service from Udaipur Bus Stand to the nearby cities including Jaipur, Delhi, Indore, Ajmer, Kota, Chittorgarh, Mt. Abu and Ahmadabad.
By Train
Located at a comfortable driving distance from the city, Udaipur City Railway Station is connected with all major railway stations in India. You can find frequent trains that run to and fro from Udaipur. If you are planning a luxurious travel to this city you can also book the majestic Palace on Wheels.
By Train
Chennai is home to the Southern Railway’s Headquarters with three major railway stations i.e Chennai Egmore, Tambaram and Chennai Central, connecting Chennai to all major Indian cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Bangalore and many more. Andaman Express, Chennai Mail, GT Express, Chennai Central and Guwahati Express are among the most popular trains connecting Chennai to rest of the country. From there, you can easily hire taxis and auto rickshaws.