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Nathdwara, Rajasthan

Located at a distance of 48 kilometers from Udaipur, Nathdwara is famous as the abode of Srinathji, sited at the bank of river Banas. The entire town lives around Sri Nathji and you will be pleased to be greeted with “Jaya Sri Kishna”, “Hare Krishna” by the people living here.

According to a famous legend, Shrinathji’s idol was originally enshrined in Vrindavan. In order to protect it from the destructive rage of Aurangzeb, Rana Raj Singh decided to take the idol to a safe place. While it was being taken to the decided spot the chariot’s wheel sank deep into the mud. As the chariot didn’t move any further, even after significant efforts, the escorting priest sensed that this place was chosen by the Lord himself. The place was Nathdwara and thereafter the temple was built there.

Shrinathji symbolizes the incarnation of Lord Krishna lifting the “Govardhan Parbat”. The idol at the temple is carved out of a large black stone and is truly captivating. The idol also has a snake, two cows, a lion, a parrot and two peacocks imprinted on it.

After Vrindavan, Nathdwara is among the most famous holy places dedicated to Lord Krishna, in India. The town is frequented by devotees in large numbers during Holi, Janmashtmi and Diwali. Along with these, Annakutta is also celebrated in full zeal here.

Apart from religious significance, Nathdwara is also renowned for its “Pichwai” paintings, flavorsome sweets and ivory articles. There are hundreds of artists in Nathdwara who earn their living by painting. Most of the artists live in the popular “Chitaron Ki Gali”. The art works here beautifully portray the artist’s love for the Lord, making the art form distinct from all other forms.

How to reach Nathdwara

By Air
There is no airport in Nathdwara. The nearest one is Maharana Pratap airport or Dabok airport, located at a distance of 60 Kilometers from Nathdwara. From the airport, you can easily avail bus or taxi services.
By Road
Nathdwara is well connected with all major cities via roadways. You can conveniently drive to this city from Delhi (619 kms), Jaisalmer (485 kms), Ahemdabad (305 kms), Udaipur (46 kms), Chittorgarh (107 kms) and so on or can avail bus services from these cities as well.
By Train
There is no railway station in Nathdwara while there are 2 railway stations located near by. The nearest one is Mavli Jn. situated 30 Kilometers from Nathdwara while the other one is located 50 Kilometers away, the Udaipur City Railway Station. Even though Mavli Jn. isn’t a major station, all trains stop at Udaipur City Railway Station.
Commuting Within Nathdwara
Commuting within the city is not a problem. You can easily hire rickshaws, buses, taxis, tempos or cabs to commuting within Nathdwara.