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Delhi is a city of great historical significance which has emerged as a modern metropolis and a hub of commerce with everything you can think of.

Delhi is a city of vibrant hues, a repository of the country’s rich heritage and diverse cultures.From the Slave Dynasty to the Mughals, the capital of India, Delhi, has a powerful historical and cultural background. This place has been ruled by some of the Indian history’s most powerful rulers. Delhi has been a witness to a lot of political, historical and social turmoil for over 5 centuries, during which the city was ruled by Mughals, Khilijis and Tughlaqs. The soil of this great city smells of romance, sacrifice and blood. The famous monuments speak volumes about its rich culture and heritage.

Delhi is home to spectacular museums, art galleries, gardens, monuments along with being the center of cultural events and festivals. Delhi is a melting point of old values and traditions as well as contemporary lifestyles. While on one hand you will hear loud music of cafes and pubs, on the other, you will hear Gurbanis at Bangla Sahib and Qawwalis at Nizamuddin Dargaah. Delhi is also renowned for the wide variety of festivals celebrated here. Bengal’s Durga Puja, the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, Punjab’s Lohri, Bihar’s Chhat Puja are all celebrated with same enthusiasm and festivity.

Delhi is an ideal exemplar of “Unity in Diversity”!

How to reach Delhi/NCR

By Air
Also known as the “Gateway to India”, Delhi is home to 2 airports - the stunning new Indira Gandhi International Airport - Terminal 3 and Terminal 1D. The former is located 26 Kilometers while the later is located 16 Kilometers from Cannaught Place. Both domestic and international flights operate from the airports. From there on, you can take auto rickshaws, bus, pre-paid taxi or Delhi metro to reach various places in the city.
By Road
Delhi is well connected with all major cities and neighboring states with brilliant road networks. You can find buses that go to and fro Delhi from Inter-State Bus Terminus (ISBT), Sarai Kale Khan Bus stand adjacent to the Hazrat Nizamuddin Station, state owned buses from Mandi house, Bikaner House and various other places.
By Train
There are three railways stations in Delhi, The Old Delhi Station in Old Delhi area and the New Delhi Station near Connaught Place and Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station in south Delhi. You can avail taxi, bus or metro services from there on.