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Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Located on the bank of Gambhiri, Chittorgarh was the capital of the kingdom of Mewar.

Chittorgarh is believed to be the glorious city of the brave rajputs whose chivalrous tales form an integral part of India’s history. The lifestyle of people here presents a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. The prime languages spoken here are Marwari, Rajasthani and Hindi.

This city witnessed a plethora of wars fought to restore the Rajputani pride and reclaim their motherland. It is the city where brave queens like Rani Padmini and Karnavati committed “Jauhar”. The land that idealizes the great love of Meera Bai for Lord Krishna, making Chittorgarh famous as the “Bhakti aur Shakti ki Nagri”.

The city gets its name from the Chittorgarh fort, a symbol of Rajputana legacy. This fort is the landmark of the city of Chittorgarh and is among the strongest still-standing forts in India. Chittorgarh fort is spread over 700 acres and has 22 water bodies, towers, palaces and temples in the campus. Not just the Chittorgarh fort, there are also various other tourist attractions such as, Rana Kumbha’ s Palace, the Kirti Stambha (Tower of Flame), the Vijay Stambha (Victory Tower), Padmini Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace, Kalika Mata Temple, Jain temples and many more, making it an ideal place for history buffs and explorers.

For shopaholics, Chittorgarh is an amazing place. Tourists can bag some of the best fabrics, metal works, jewelry, leather items, handmade toys and much more. Festivals like Meera Mahotsav, Maharana Pratap Jayanti, Rang Teras and Gangaur are celebrated with utmost enthusiasm in Chittorgarh. Along with this, the Jauhar Mela, held in the honor of the brave Rajput ancestors, is another major attraction of this city.

This city is also popular for is flavorsome and spicy vegetarians and non-vegetarian favorites with “Gheriya” and “Paniya” as the two most popular delicacies here.

How to reach chittorgarh

By Air
The nearest airport to Chittorgarh is Maharana Pratap Airport or Dabok Airport in Udaipur, located 98 Kilometers away. From the airport you can hire a cab or take a bus to Anand.
By Road
You can avail bus services to chittorgarh from all major cities in India.
By Train
Chittorgarh has its own railway station located on the bank of River Gambheri, well connected to all major Indian cities.
Commuting Within Chittorgarh
While you can easily hire a cab for commuting within Chittorgarh, if you truly desire to enjoy exploring the city, take an auto-rickshaw. For those visiting the Chittor-fort, traveling on foot is the best idea!