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Bangalore, Karnataka

Bangalore is among the most developed Indian cities blessed with a pleasant climate, throughout the year.

With over 60 percent immigrant population, Bangalore has emerged as a melting pot of diverse traditions and cultures. Bangalore’s culture has undergone significant changes with the emergence of BPOs and IT companies. Bangalore is also known as the “Garden City of India”, for the presence of many parks across the city. Not only this, the city is also popular as an important center of Indian classical music and dance.

Karaga, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dasara, Ugadi, Eid ul-Fitr, Sankranthi and Diwali are among the most celebrated festivals in the city, with Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English as the major languages here. Among all other Indian Metropolis, Bangalore has the second highest literacy rate of 83 percent. Over the last decade, Bangalore has also emerged as one of the prime places for hosting international rock concerts as well as the “Pub Capital of India” for sheltering over 200 clubs and bars. Apart from these, there are several golf and cricket clubs and race courses.

Bangalore is a multi-cultural city, with people of diverse socio-cultural background living together. The emergence of numerous national industries as well as MNCs has led to people from all over the world to settle here, thereby enriching it culture.

How to reach Bangalore

By Air
Bangalore International Airport is located at a comfortable driving distance of 40 Kilometers from the city. Flights from all major Indian and International cities land here. From thereon you can hire a cab or board a bus to the city.
By Road
Bangalore is well connected with various major Indian cities by road. You can board a bus from any of the nearby cities.
By Train
Bangalore is well connected with cities all across India via railways. The Bangalore Railway Station is located in the heart of the city making it convenient for the travelers to reach here easily. Udyan express from Mumbai, Mysore express from Chennai and Karnataka Express from Delhi are some of the major trains to Bangalore.